KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams
KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams
KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams
KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams
KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams
KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams

KEYNOTE® Coriander Honey | 320 Grams

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Crystallization: Crystallization is a hallmark of authentic raw honey. The ratio of natural sugars, mainly glucose and fructose present in raw honey helps determine when and whether that honey will crystallize, liquify or remain in a semi-solid colloidal state.

No Antibiotics & No Added Sugar: Our honey is free from traces of antibiotics. We only deal in wild and boutique honey varieties where the bees are neither treated with antibiotics nor force-fed sugar syrup.

Raw, Non-Pasteurized & Non-Homogenized: We believe in getting our honey from the beehive straight into the bottle with minimal processing in between. We neither heat-treat nor homogenize our honey.

Pollen & Wax Content: Our honey is bottled straight from the harvested beehive after being strained through a broad sieve. Since all of our honey varieties are minimally processed, these may contain traces of bee pollen and hive wax debris in minuscule quantities.

Crystallized Honey: Crystallized raw honey can be consumed as is or the bottle itself can be warmed up in a Bain Marie to liquify the contents. However, we strongly recommend developing a nuanced palate and enjoying crystallized honey as is without any heat treatment.

Differences across bottles & batches: Raw honey collected straight from the bee-hive will innately exhibit vast differences across batches with respect to colours, taste, aroma, transparency, sedimentation and viscosity. Expecting a standardized product is inconsistent with the way nature operates. Commercial honey on the other hand is homogenized. In essence, it’s a blend of several batches mixed together to produce one consistent product.

Our master apiarists who deal exclusively in raw honey have an adage they adhere to which is - “No two bottles of the same honey are the same”.

Keynote's raw honey collection is a carefully curated selection of the world's rarest, finest and the most luxurious wild and boutique honey varieties. The total annual collection of these rare honey varieties is both limited and seasonal. In the case of wild honey varieties, honey is ethically sourced from tribal communities engaged in beehive tracking. On the other hand, boutique honey varieties are sourced from small-scale non-migratory season specific apiaries stewarded by master apiarists. We source our honey exclusively from rich & pristine biodiversity hot-spots.

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