Our Forte

Each & every activity is meticulously carried out in house - from selection of the product after countless sampling sessions to creating a market appropriate brand identity.

A Balancing Act

Our long internal deliberation revolved around whether discerning local customers would be willing to pay a premium for the highest grade of ingredients. Other internal discourses included cost additions due to processes like grading, sorting, vacuum-packing etc. As per our export protocols, we would also have each harvest certified for various quality parameters; which in of itself would add a large premium to the list price of the product.

Fruitful Conclusion

A healthy economy of scale is the answer to all of the aforementioned challenges. Creating sufficient demand for a healthy, fair and non-exploitative supply of a particular ingredient allowed us to balance out costs and deliver the highest quality export grade products to our customers at fair prices. All the while, keeping our farmers and plantation owners happy.

Our Mission

Our never ending mission is to help guide our loyal and extremely discerning customers on culinary journeys that will enthrall their taste buds. This warrants long hard work days, longer flights, arduous road journeys and exhausting hikes to reach the cleanest source of a particular food ingredient - all of these troubles just melt away when we encounter customers who appreciate all of this hard work and bless our product with their patronage.