KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams
KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams
KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams
KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams
KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams
KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams

KEYNOTE® Alphonso Mango Pulp | Unsweetened | 850 grams

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GI Alphonso Fruits: GI (Geographical Indication) Alphonso mangoes from a single plantation in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India are sliced and inspected by hand to produce this limited edition, single-origin, export-grade mango puree. Only immaculately naturally ripe fruits are chosen in the grading process. One orchard, one harvest, one batch and one consistency.

From Ripe Fruit to Can in under 15 minutes: Our GI Alphonso Mango Pulp is the closest sensory experience to actually relishing fresh and yet fully ripe Alphonso mangoes on a tropical plantation. This is achieved by placing the processing & pulping unit in the middle of the plantation thereby allowing us access to the tastiest & freshest fruits.

Naturally Ripened: GI Alphonso mangoes are ripened naturally without the use of chemical catalysts. Although natural ripening is a long and tedious process, the resulting fruits develop an inimitable depth of flavour and aroma.

Important Note: Most of our industry contemporaries source their mangoes from plantations across India and transport these fruits to their processing plants located in industrial zones (far away from the plantations). This is done in order to process the cheapest fruits in the cheapest industrial environment. Fruits sourced in this manner are non-GI fruits. Long transportation times, at times taking anywhere from a few days to a week end up spoiling the fruits. In order to mitigate spoiling, fruits are stuffed in artificial ripening chambers and quickly ripened over a couple of days. Fruits ripened in this manner are highly acidic and lack the depth of sweetness of fruits ripened naturally. Natural ripening results in losses by volume as many fruits end up spoiling, however, the fruits which ripen naturally at the end of the eleven day period are immaculate in all aspects; taste, aroma and flavour!

No Chemical Additives with Export Health Certification: Every batch is tested at government approved laboratories as per export specifications. No preservatives are used to manufacture this product. We do not use any additives to either enhance the flavour or extend the shelf-life of the product. Our product is devoid of pesticides and insecticides.

100% Natural: Does not contain any additives, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours and thickeners. Fit for direct consumption without dilution. This product is Gluten-free. It does not contain traces of dairy, wheat, soy or egg.

Handpicked inputs: Only immaculately ripe mangoes are chosen in the grading process. Mangoes which show even the slightest signs of weathering or spoilage are discarded immediately. This degree of quality control makes our mango pulp the prime choice for top chefs, confectioners, mixologists and gelato enthusiasts.

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