Rarest of rare Himalayan gems - Chichiri or Solai honey

Collected once every three to four years, our "Indian Borage" Monofloral honey is by far the rarest honey variety we have in our collection. Also known as Chichiri or Solai, it's sourced ethically from an altitude of over 8000 feet from pristine Himalayan ranges south of the Kashmir Valley. Indian Borage blooms which impart this unmistakable flavour to the honey are wild grown.

It has a refreshing taste with accents of mint candy. However, it's known more for its heady aroma resembling that of a sweet floral perfume. Its hue may range from light golden to colourless. Since it's harvested sans processing; much like all of our other honey varieties, it may crystallize.

Our Indian Borage honey is packed in a glass jar and presented in a minimalist gift box.