Is ‘Gulkand’ better than rose jam or rose confiture?

It would be inaccurate to draw any comparisons between Gulkand and Rose petal jams/confiture, as the taste, texture and aroma of Gulkand is vastly superior to any Rose petal jam/confiture available in the market. To explore these differences more technically, one should focus on the most important difference between these two products which lies in their respective manufacturing processes. Gulkand is sun-cooked and cured over a period of 29 days with just Damask rose petals and candy sugar. Rose petal jams/confitures on the other hand are prepared by boiling Rose petals and sugar (usually with pectin) and are ready to serve in just a couple of hours. Slow sun-cooking imparts depth & richness to the already concentrated floral, fruity and caramelized flavours of Gulkand. With a combination of these intense flavours, the flavour profile of Gulkand easily surpasses the uni-dimensional and at times tart flavours of Rose petal jams/confitures.

Unlike usual Rose petal jams/confitures, Gulkand is best relished when one slowly unfolds its abundant & luscious rose petals. Every petal releases a variety of different flavours with each bite. If one compares rose petal volumes, most Rose petal jams/confitures have less than 20% of rose petals in the final product. In stark contrast, it’s fairly easy to conclude that close to 95% of the “Gulkand experience” is about sensual exploration of these sun-cooked Damask rose petals.