How to properly infuse Kashmir Saffron?

One must know how to take full advantage of the entire range of flavours packed in these delicate saffron threads without wasting this precious spice away. To truly enjoy the exotic flavours of Kashmir Saffron, we recommend soaking whole Saffron threads in 30 to 40 ml of hot (75 degrees Celsius) water, milk or wine for at least 45 minutes! The saffron threads will impart their taste, aroma and colour to this solution, which can then be used to flavour your saffron based dishes. One can also leave this mixture overnight to create a potent infusion.

Saffron tends to lose its potency when exposed to the elements. Hence it should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place away from sunlight. We avoid using absorbent and/or reactive materials when packing our saffron. Our Kashmir Saffron is packed in food grade inert airtight glass jars with dual layered tight tin caps. We also recommend our consumers to harness the power of Kashmir Saffron while it is fresh; ideally within six to eight months from the date of harvest. Coloring strength of saffron tends to diminish with time.