How is Kashmir Saffron different from other Saffron varieties?

Kashmir Saffron is also the rarest and the most expensive form of Saffron available in the markets as annual production is limited to only about 2000-2500 kg which is less than 1% of total world production. Post harvest, most of the stocks are sold to Michelin star restaurants around the world as well as private collectors and connoisseurs of fine and rare spices.

Kashmir Saffron cultivated in and around saffron fields of Pampore in Kashmir has consistently produced some of the best saffron in the world. Every year, we procure some of the most potent batches from this region and promote the best of the lot (with a coloring strength of 230+) to our esteemed customers.

Unlike uni-dimensional saffron produced in other parts of the world, Kashmir Saffron has a pleasant honey-like aroma and a sweet after-taste which makes it ideal for a wide range of culinary applications from desserts to savoury preparations and even beverages.