KEYNOTE® Tamanu Oil / 500 milliliters

ETHERVA™ Tamanu Oil / 500 milliliters

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Introduction: The ‘Calophyllum inophyllum’ tree (a.k.a Champa or Tamanu) is native to South Sea Islands and southern coastal India, East Africa, Malaysia and Australia. In India the tree is grown widely along Coastal areas of Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal and the Andaman islands. It’s also grown in gardens as a decorative element and as a source of fragrance as its flowers have a strong perfume like scent. These flowers have snow-white petals with a thick center of yellow stamens. Fragrant flowers have been prized as an adornment in various traditional ceremonies, ritual offerings to Gods and simply as a perfume. Champa/Tamanu tree is a low-branching and slow-growing tree with a broad and irregular crown. It usually reaches 8 to 20 m in height with thick foliage. The tree supports a dense canopy of glossy, elliptical leaves. These trees primarily grow by the seashore, near water source or in sandy regions. Tamanu Fruits appear during May and November each year. The Tamanu fruit is a round, green drupe reaching 2 to 4 cm in diameter with a single large seed. When ripe, the fruit is wrinkled and its color varies from yellow to brownish-red.

Benefits and applications: The Tamanu oil we offer is cold-pressed and unfiltered and thus retains all of its numerous and unfathomable natural healing properties. Tamanu oil is primarily used to heal wounds rapidly and mitigate the formation of scars. It accelerates the formation of new skin tissue and thus is harnessed as an emollient to aid the body's natural healing process. It helps in healing cuts, burns, insect bites, acne scars, blisters, herpes sores, sunburn, psoriasis, rashes etc. It also considerably reduces body and foot odour. It’s especially known to mitigate acne and is anti-septic in nature. It has a regenerative effect on the skin and increased microcirculation. It’s known to mitigate wrinkles and promote healthy glowing taut skin. In Southern India, the oil of the seeds of the plant is used specifically for treating skin diseases and wounds. It is also applied topically in cases of rheumatism. In most of the south sea islands Tamanu/Champa oil is used as an analgesic (natives use it in frictions for sciatica and rheumatism) and to cure ulcers and wounds.

Extraction of oil/butter: The kernel part in the whole dry fruit will be around 43-52%. The kernel is big in comparison at around 1.5 cm in diameter. It’s enclosed in a soft seed coat and a hard seed coat. The kernel contains 55-73% of oil. The seeds are decorticated by wooden mallets or by decorticators or by pressing under planks. Usually the kernels are pressed in traditional wooden and stone presses. The viscous oil which is extracted by cold-pressing kernels is bluish-yellow to dark green. The concentration of resinous substances in the oil varies from 10 to 30%. The main compounds of the seed oil are Oleic (36-53%), Linoleic (16-29%), Stearic (6.0-9.0%), Erucic (2.5-3.5%) and Palmitic acid (14.8-18.5%).

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